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2 shows in one amazing night!

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So I watched the VMA’s finally today and I got to say its was good but at the same time it was like watching a big ass commercial and promos…      It sucks to see to see that its no longer about the music, half of the artist where lip-singing and even when Britney got the MJ Award her speech was more of a intro to bring up Beyonce….  Get your shit straight MTV, its not all about the money.

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Kim Kardashian has a song?

Ok, so I went on a rant today on my twitter @djcooch regarding the new Kim Kardashian song “Turn it up”.

First of all im not hating lets get this straight. I just think it sucks that you have all these artist and musicians that work really hard for years and years trying to get there music heard and along comes someone like Kim who just because of who she is she get a record deal.

To me it just shows you where the industry is going now a days it doesn’t matter how talented you are and that’s just sad…

now pardon me as I make a sex video….. o_O

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How does this work??? WTF!

Ok, First of all let me apologize to you guys I haven’t really been online.

But I hope you all are having some good Happy Holidays!

So my little sister had a her car broken into last night and the “police” found it today, had a tow truck pick it up from where it was drop off and take it to a tow yard 2 towns up.

She went to go pick it up (The Car was stripped with no tires) and was charged $270 for the tow and another $50 for a day in there yard.

I understand that a “TOW YARD ” needs to make there money but there’s a difference between getting paid and RAPING!!! lol

To me it would have made allot more sense if the police maybe would have called my sister and told her “hey we found your car, what do you want to do?”.   Most people will say thats why you have insurance; but lets face it most people cant really afford full coverage.    It sucks!

Well I just wanted to vent out……..   feel much better now :)

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The Power of facebook!

So everyone has been changing there profile pics on Facebook, but do you know why? Heres the scoop!

There should be no human faces on Facebook…but an invasion of memories,” advocated a video on YouTube supporting the ‘Campaign To End Violence Against Children – Childhood Cartoon Faces‘ that has stormed the internet.

The non-profit campaign launched by an unnamed volunteer aimed at raising awareness on the ‘Worldwide Violence Against Children and Child Abuse’. All that was required from the users was a simple gesture of changing their profile pictures to an image of a favorite childhood cartoon character.

Despite wide-spread skepticism over the impact of this social media campaign in the real world, the movement took over the complete world wide web. Besides giving many on Facebook a rude awakening to the prevalence of child abuse, the campaign managed to gain momentum as the international media started covering it and the search engines were set on fire with cartoon-related searches.

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Here’s a clip of the great time we had at my birthday party!!

Hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

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My Birthday Party

So this Saturday I had my birthday party at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.

We decked it all out and had a complete blast!   It was good to see people there that I haven’t seen since high school mingling with all my LA. friends and be able to share this experience with everyone,  My girl and her family where all dressed in white looking all good;) my boys where on the turntables Djing, and even my cake was a black turntable! (Which explains why everyone ended up with black lips lol) Such a great night I will never forget!  So many great memories  Thank you God for blessing me.

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Welcome to the World of DJCooch.

Wow, So welcome to my new site.
It’s been in the works for a long time, I hope you guys like it!
Its good to finally be back home. I was on the road for the last five months touring for the Lopez Tonight Party Bus Tour which was a great privilege working with TBS and for George Lopez.
17 cities in a 5 month period! IT WAS CRAZY FUN!
Heres a clip of me on the road :)

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